Collection: The Panther Collection

The Vibranium Candle is first in this line to be offered as a PRESALE.

The Vibranium Candle is named after the fictitious metal, introduced in the film, its properties make it the strongest metal on earth.  It landed in Africa as a meteorite from outer space about a millennia ago.  Its properties allow it to absorb, store and release large amounts of kinetic energy.  It has a purplish- blue hue.

Vibranium has a crisp, clean, ozone.  The candle container is modern, luxe design A Raised Safety Ring that keeps surfaces cool and candle burners happy and a secured snap lid (never lift a candle by the lid).

A winning combination of old and new!

These candles will be ready for shipping November 1st!


6.5 oz Net WT

Burns    Hours