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I used the sample on my face and I love the texture and low residue. I'll definitely be sitting down and checking out some of your other products.


I love the body wash sample!

                                             -C. Jackson


The rosemary sage smells delightful.  Your butters last a long time because it does not require much like most lotions.  If I skip a day or two from using your butters my skin is still moist. 

- Octavia


"The soaps are AMAZING!"

Jeanette S. (Camden, NJ)    "I'm making my third order. My friends are talking about the candles too! She has outstanding products. 😃🥳Women Power!" Cherri P. (Rocky Mount, NC)   "My girl be sneak using my Dry Gin & Cypress body butter. I keep telling her to get her own :-). Great product!

Anthony R. (Chesapeake, VA)