Your Ancient Remedy (Y.A.R) began in the kitchen in 2016, with the hope of creating a natural soap, with a nourishing blend of oils, and butters in the soap to heal dry, eczema laden skin. 

Y.AR. became a hobby business later that year, that over time, grew a large local following, by way of craft shows, and ultimately branching out into other states throughout the US by word of mouth.

Today, Y.A.R. curates luxurious moisturizing soap bars flowing with an abundance of coconut, olive oils, shea and cocoa butters, and Vitamin E.  Skin soothing goats milk and honey are added to some of the soaps and is locally source when available.

We hand blend body butters with skin-loving ingredients like:  Aloe Vera, honey and silk!  Our para soy blend wax lights (candles) are accentuated with flavors for your nose and scents worthy to do a soul massage!  Salty, sweet, woodsy, floral and fruity.  Y.A.R forever will be YOUR ANCIENT REMEDY!