Collection: Ancient & Earthy Collection

Scents are personal.  Gone are the days where we characterize women with florals and men with cologne scents.  

This unisex scent collection is earthy, layered, complex and bold!  This collection has a base of ancient smelling scents like:  vetiver, leather, white birch, musk, patchouli and smoke.

Complicated Elder gives you the feel of an old wise sage of the past, who read and studied more than he cared about his wardrobe.    A deep fragrant blend of cedar, gin, bergamot, smoke, leather.

 Masai Warrior  In a perfect world a warrior smells just like this!  Warrior women and men perhaps before battle.  A clean, airy fragrance with earthy, moss and woodsy bottom notes.

 Roman  Is another clean scent that reflects the gladiator entering into the Coliseum.  Patchouli and light musk with an undertone of spearmint. 

Smoking Gun & Diamonds  Is an edgy, smoky scent that you will love!  There's mystery and luxury behind the feel of this experience.  Notes include: Bergamont, Leather, Smoke, Spice.

These scents are available as:  Candles, Soap, and Body Butters.